Thursday, 23 June 2011

23/06/2011 - Pikachu 115/114

Todays, 23/06/11, card of the day is no other than PIKACHU! Now, this card is known as a Ultra or Super Rare card. This means that it only appears in 1/300 packs! I have not got one of these, but hopefully i can get one soon.
          Most people know the pokemon Pikachu, the image below is the Japanese version of the card, the most popular pokemon in Japan. The electric type in the set has the number of 115... thats right 115, ive been saying that there are 114 cards in this set, this is why its a Ultra Rare card, and if you would get your hands on one, it is worth alot of money, if not now, more so in the future, so if I was you i'd keep your hands on it for now. People say "This is an extremely rare Pikachu card. You're very lucky to have found it!"
          It has a HP of 60, not so good, but doesnt effect the rarity of the card and to retreat it you only have to use 1 energy card it has two very powerful powerful moves, 'Energize' and 'Thunderbolt' which has a 80 power, but, you will have to 'Discard all Energy attached to this Pok√©mon. '

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

22/06/2011 - Darmanitan 25/114

Todays card of the day is Darmanitan, number 25/114 in the Black & White Set.
This card has some awesome artwork, one of the best I think. The card rarity is "Rare", although this is classed as a rare card ive pulled it a few times in the packs ive bought. This has a 1st evolution named Darumakka. Darmanitan is a fire type pokemon as you can see from the picture. It has a pretty high HP(hit points) which is 120, this is quite impressive saying it isnt a legendary. As you might think, this pokemon is weak to water type pokemon, and has no resistance. You will need x2 energy cards to reatreat this card, which i think is well worth it.