Wednesday, 22 June 2011

22/06/2011 - Darmanitan 25/114

Todays card of the day is Darmanitan, number 25/114 in the Black & White Set.
This card has some awesome artwork, one of the best I think. The card rarity is "Rare", although this is classed as a rare card ive pulled it a few times in the packs ive bought. This has a 1st evolution named Darumakka. Darmanitan is a fire type pokemon as you can see from the picture. It has a pretty high HP(hit points) which is 120, this is quite impressive saying it isnt a legendary. As you might think, this pokemon is weak to water type pokemon, and has no resistance. You will need x2 energy cards to reatreat this card, which i think is well worth it.

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